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You are probably here because you are searching for a way to preserve some memories. If this is the case, then you are in the right place: Bound in a Book specialises in creating memory books and gift books.

The person behind Bound in a Book is Clare (hi, I'm Clare). I am originally from Malta and have spent close to half my life in the UK and the UAE. I have been in Dubai since 2014, and I've been making photobooks for an even longer time, originally for myself, extended family, and friends. I made wedding albums, baby albums, travel albums, family yearbooks, and teachers' gift books. 

Bound in a Book was born in 2018 when I came to realise that my love for the process of making these books was not shared by everyone. People love the finished product, but not the process. I love the little details, the creating of every page, helping it come together until it is just right.

Since the birth of Bound in a Book, I have created all sorts of photobooks as well as memory books, but over time, my focus changed. In 2023, with so many apps available to create basic photobooks, I decided to focus my energy entirely on my true love - the memory books themselves - books with plenty of soul, books that can't be made with an app.

So this is where we are now. If you are looking for a way to preserve some memories, I'd love to chat. My specialties are farewell books, living eulogy books, memorial books, wedding albums, books with several contributors, books that celebrate friendship, or a birthday, or another special event, and I am always excited to discuss your ideas as well.


The books that I create are made to reflect the energy and tone of the material you provide me with. For this reason, no two books are ever alike. When we start to discuss your book, I will encourage you to add elements that you may not have considered including; elements that add to the character of the book and the memory you are wanting to preserve. Your book will be completely individual. What I ask is that you trust me and the process. 


Bound in a Book is licensed by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

Delicate Watercolour Leaf Bound in a Book Style


"Thank you for truly bringing our idea to life in the most beautiful and touching way and for going over and above to make sure every little tiny detail is perfect. We all teared up when we saw the final result. Your passion is contagious. Big Thank You from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of our full team!"

Yasmine, about her Colleague's Farewell Gift Book

"Clare... I want to thank you for the extraordinary care and attention you gave to this book... your consideration of every detail, desire to create the very best for us and thoughtfulness never wavered. You put so many (many, many, many) hours into this but you also put in your whole heart. I can’t thank you enough."

Saher, about her

Father's Legacy Book

"Thank you Clare for your support and skill in putting together such an amazing memory book for our son's 25th Birthday - We were so thrilled to gift it and he was equally thrilled to receive it - Highly recommend your services to others looking to create a unique and personalised gift."

Lorraine, about her

Son's Birthday Memory Book

"Clare's professionalism and attention to detail is impeccable... she created the perfect tribute. She is very patient and really made a difficult task so much easierI wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare and I am already planning the next book."

Samantha, about her

Friend's Memorial Book

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