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What is special about Bound in a Book?
Bound in a Book is a completely bespoke service. The books that I create are made to reflect the energy and tone of the material you provide me with. For this reason, your book will be completely individual. These are not books that can be created via an app, or "whipped up" quickly. They take time and a lot of dedication, and as a result, each book boasts its own creative style and voice to make those memories and the sentiment last forever.

How many photos can I include in my memory book?
The minimum amount of photos that can be included in a book is 20 and the maximum is 400. It is not my style to cram photos into a book just for the sake of it, and when it comes to memory books, I feel that less is definitely more in order to allow the book to work its magic. 

Are photos taken with my phone ok to use? What about photos saved off Facebook and WhatsApp?
Ideally, photos should ideally to be in high resolution for print. Full size phone photos are great but photos saved off Facebook and WhatsApp will not be full size files. A few of these are fine to include but you do want to have a good number of high resolution images as these make the truly impressive pages in your book. These photos are taken with a camera, or your phone. (For this reason, if you are compiling a gift book with several contributors, do encourage them to email their photos rather than WhatsApp them to you, as this drastically reduces the file quality.)

Can you help me choose the photos that will go into my memory book?
Yes, if you would like me to, I can choose the photos for you. Photos can be very personal and some people might prefer to have the final say in which photos are included in their book, but I am more than happy to help out. It is important to note that if you opt for me to select photos for your memory book, there can be no changes once the book is designed. The charge for this service is 200aed. 

What if I need to scan in older, printed photos?
Not a problem. Please scan them in on a high resolution. Alternatively, I can scan them in for you. Let me know if you need my help (there is no extra charge if it's ten or less). 

My photos aren't in the right order. How can I organise them?
Folders are your friend. The easiest way to organise your photos into an order that is clear is to use numbered folders. Alternatively, if you need a more specific order, I recommend Adobe Bridge (download free here). Watch this video for a tutorial as to how to go about organising and renaming your files in Adobe Bridge to ensure they are in the right sequence. This does require a certain amount of technical knowledge however and it is not necessary if your book isn't completely dependent on things being in a specific order. Please discuss this with me.

I'm not very good with computers - could I avoid using DropBox?
Of course! Google Drive is also an option if you find that easier, or you could drop off a USB flash drive of your photos if you prefer. I am located in DIP. In the case of wedding albums, I will probably request this as professional images are usually so large, DropBox becomes an issue anyway! 

Can I add extra photos once the book has been designed?
This will involve redesigning several pages and therefore a redesign charge will apply. As a general rule, adding extra photos once a book has been designed is discouraged. 

How long does it take for my memory book to be ready?
You should give it about 3 weeks from when you submit your images, if you are in the UAE. This includes design, printing, and delivery. Delivery times to other countries may differ. Please do remember that Bound in a Book is a one-woman-company and I design all your memory books myself. Sometimes it does get quite busy and there may be a wait list, in which case I will inform you up front. Priority is given to gift books with specific deadlines, and as always my recommendation is to plan ahead to avoid disappointment. For orders that are needed by a specific date that falls within less than one month of confirmation, a 50aed charge is added to upgrade shipping to ensure the book is with you by the required date. 

Can I place an order for a book that I need next week?
Sadly, no. Please see the paragraph above for an explanation on timescales.

How will my memory book be delivered to me?
By courier.

Can I order a memory book from Bound in a Book if I'm based outside the UAE?
Yes - these will be mailed to you directly from the printers, so the only restriction would be if they do not deliver to your location. Please note that these books will not be wrapped in Bound in a Book style.

What will my memory book be called?
That's up to you, and I can make suggestions if you would like me to. (I do love coming up with names for books!)

Can I order more than one copy of my book?
Most certainly. Please see the pricing page for more details.

Where are my memory books printed?
Bound in a Book uses Blurb to print your memory books. I choose to use this company for a variety of reasons. I have used Blurb for several years and because of this I know that the quality of the books is excellent. They are sturdy and can handle little hands eagerly leafing through them. I also know the software well and can therefore get the very best out of it. On top of all this, Blurb customer care is top notch and, because things do sometimes go wrong, I value this immensely as they are always on hand to help out.

Why do you prefer discussing books over WhatsApp rather than a phonecall?
I do this because having messages to refer back to means that nothing gets forgotten once a conversation is over. When I am designing your book and needing to refer back to what we discussed about a certain detail in your book, it makes things move much quicker if I can quickly check a message rather than needing to check in with you again about what we may have already discussed. Some weeks, I am discussing several books with different people and this way, I am able to keep things logged and separate.

If the answer to your question is not here, please drop me a line!

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