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Your Family Yearbooks

With our family yearbooks, I keep it very simple. They include my ask of the coming year (a manifestation, if you will), monthly chapters to break it up, and of course a QR code at the end linking to that year's 1SecondEveryday movie.

That's it. Simple.

I am careful to ensure each photo is placed within the correct month group of photos, but the order of photos within the months themselves is somewhat debatable (I am careful around big events like birthdays and Christmas etc because I know that if those are off, it would annoy me).

No words in the book other than that first line... for our books, I don't feel anything else is necessary. The photos themselves jog any additional memories. I try not to overcomplicate things or it will never feel ready.

Some tips when creating your family yearbooks:

- don’t overthink it. Keeping it simple means getting it done.

- include screen grabs from school sharing platforms (it is so important to include school memories, school makes up such a big part of our children’s lives)

- include things that you and your family members are proud of. These are confidence-boosters when you look back on them!

- don’t limit yourself to big events. Those daily “hanging around” moments are what really make up most of our lives and they are just as (if not more) important as the big events when it comes to memory-keeping.

“Life is made up of little moments that don’t seem important at the time, but in retrospect they are what get you to where you are.”

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