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A Note about Perfection

Confession time. Am I up to date on my own family yearbooks? The answer is a resounding no.

The kids’ baby books are not the last photobooks I have created for our family… There’ve been holiday books, birthday books, a father’s day book, friendship books. I promise I’ve not completely neglected our family on the photobook front.

But as yearbooks go, there is significant work that needs to be done.

For a long, long time the overwhelm took over. So many photos, where do I start? It needs to be perfect. And that’s exactly what caused the delay.

I’ve figured it out though. The key? Forget perfection. Just like when you create the memories themselves, it’s not about things being perfect. It’s about them happening.

So make the books. Keep the memories. They don’t need to be perfect. They just need to BE.

(I’ve recently done our 2018 yearbook. Year picked at random, and I will work up, and down, from there as and when I have time to make more. It doesn’t matter.)

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