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Birthday Interviews with Children

My tips for a "Birthday Interview" tradition with your kids:

  • Keep a folder for your birthday interview sheets, to ensure you don’t lose them over time

  • Start from as early an age possible (around 3y is a good time to start) 

  • Combine the interviews with other birthday traditions you may have 

  • Remember, if your child is overwhelmed on the actual day, doing the interview a few days before or after their birthday is absolutely fine. The more relaxed they are, the more fun you will have with this! (And they will look forward to it next year!) 

  • Interview only on a full stomach! (yours and theirs!)

  • When your child gets to a certain age and you think you can’t get any more birthday interviews out of them, consider creating a memory book with the interviews and some special birthday photos through the years.

If you pop on over to the Free Resource page on the website, I've put together a list of links of some good websites that have ready-made resources to help with your children's birthday interviews!

Would you add anything to the list above? I'd love to hear your ideas!

...And, if when the time comes you need help with that memory book, you know where I am!

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