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Planning Ahead

I am very aware that I often sound like a broken record... “plan ahead, plan ahead” when talking about creating a photobook.

Let me explain why…

Creating a photobook is not just about me designing it and then having it printed. Sure, that’s a huge part of it, but the most important part comes before that and it involves YOU!

For a memory book to be exactly that, there needs to be a connection to the photos used in the book. Selecting the right photos takes time. And while I am more than happy to help you choose photos for your book, sometimes the most meaningful photos are the ones that aren’t necessarily perfect.

I love taking photos (I take way too many), so I appreciate a beautiful photo as much as the next person - however we need to appreciate that sometimes, it is the feelings attached to a photo that matter even more.

Picture this... you’ve taken a photo that isn’t the perfect photo but you’ve taken it during a perfect moment. You look back on the photo and it’s not entirely in focus or maybe the lighting could be better, or it’s not level or centered..... but when you look at this photo, it makes you smile. It fills your heart with the memory of the moment (and many of these photo “problems” can be adjusted easily thanks to photo editing apps too).

Those are the photos I can not help you choose. I don’t have the connection to those photos in the same way you do, and this is your book.

So this is why you need to take your time. Picking your photos is such an important part of the process. Give it the time it deserves, let it envelope you in warmth and good memories.

And then we’ll make your book.

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