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What are your Family Traditions?

Over the years, we have fallen into some traditions. It has never quite been planned but when the children were little, there were yearly May photos (why May?... it just so happened to be May when I thought of it!) with our giant teddy bear, and a birthday interview every year for both kids. As the years passed, I began to get an idea of what I wanted to do... It seemed a pity to have recorded these moments and not do anything with them.

So for her tenth birthday, I collated it all and created a book for my daughter. We included year by year photos of cakes, parties, friends and the fun they got up to while celebrating her birthday, even party invites because she always helps me design them. And of course the birthday interview herself (we have interviews from when she turned three).

Then at the end of it all came the compilation of the yearly May photos, as well as a few blank pages for her to add future interviews and birthday photos should she want to add more over the next few years.

Emily absolutely loves the book, as do I. It was the perfect way to encapsulate all the love we've put into celebrating her over the past ten years.

Traditions don't need to be generations old. They can be new and still be just as meaningful and special to your family. So when you're planning your next memory book, consider your traditions. Can any of them be used in some way to contribute to the book you are creating?

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